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Prepare for a safe workplace in 2017, with a comprehensive First Aid Program.  Our team is here to help develop, plan and implement custom workplace programs for workplaces of all sizes in the province of Ontario.

For First Aid program questions or further information on our products and services please contact our client service representatives by phone, or use our online contact form. 

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Workplace Kits


Assessing your First Aid requirements - Ontario Workplaces

Every workplace in the province of Ontario is required to have at least 1 person on every shift trained in First Aid and CPR. That worker is also to be provided with a first aid kit and personal protective equipment. The level of training and required kit contents are based on the number of employees in the workplace, potential hazards and the type of workplace. The requirements are outlined in the Workplace Safety Insurance Act, and WSIB regulation 1101 contains the details of the regulatory requirements for First Aid in Ontario workplaces.

(Per work area / shift)
(Available for immediate treatment)
(First Aid - certification level)
1 -5 Employees Ontario #1 First Aid Kit, First Aid manual Emergency First Aid
6 - 15 Employees Ontario #2 First Aid Kit, First Aid manual Standard First Aid
16 - 200 Employees Ontario #3 First Aid Kit, First Aid manual, stretcher and two blankets. Standard First Aid

For more detailed information regarding the regulation 1101 please click here for the full document from WSIB 

WSIB Regulation 1101 - First Aid Regulations - Ontario

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Personal First Aid Kits

We offer a wide variety of personal first aid kits with contents structured to provide the equipment and supplies when and where you might need them.  All of our First aid kits contain CPR Faceshields and gloves as well as a St. John Ambulance Pocket First Aid manual for quick reference when you might need it the most.

AED Units and Equipment

Automated External Defibrillators (AED)

Workplaces of every size and industry are now choosing to implement AED programs in their workplaces. AED units help save lives which is why our training programs include AED in conjunction with their CPR skills to respond to cardiac emergencies. St. John Ambulance works with AED manufacturers to offer units with specifications to meet the requirements of any workplace environment. Find out more about AED's and the one most suitable for your workplace by contacting our client service team.

To view our AED Comparison chart with information on our full collection of AED manufacturers and models. CLICK HERE

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First Aid Training

St. John Ambulance - Corporate Training Programs

Most workplaces in Canada require First Aid certified employees to provide immediate care in the event of injury or medical emergency. The First Aid certification and equipment requirements vary depending on regulatory jurisdiction, industry, hazards in the workplace and the number of employees. St. John Ambulance offers First Aid training programs and options to meet your unique workplace health and safety needs across Canada. We will work with you to develop a customized solution to meet your occupational health and safety needs.

First Aid Courses

As Canada's leading authority in First Aid, our expertise leads the way in offering the most comprehensive and innovative First Aid training programs for business. Choose from a wide variety of courses and options to obtain certification in First Aid, CPR and AED to meet provincial or federal regulatory requirements.

Our most popular Workplace First Aid Courses

  • Emergency First Aid with CPR AED
  • Standard First Aid with CPR & AED

First Aid Training Options

St. John Ambulance has the most comprehensive training options and experience in the industry to deliver quality programs for your workplace. Discover which one works best for your workplace.

Public In-Class Training
Available at over 100 training locations in Canada
Private Classes
Set up a private class at a schedule and location that works for you
In-House Instructor
Have a skilled employee certified as a First Aid Instructor
Blended Learning
Reduce up to 50% of your classroom training time with online learning options

To book a private first aid class, or find out more information about our  training programs please call us or complete the client contact form at the link below.    

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